everything you need to know about Microsoft Innovative Educator Programs

By Israa lulu                  📅 december 2021

It's a wrap! What a year it has been!

I enjoyed conducting my last training session for 2021 on (Innovation in Education: Microsoft Innovative Educator Programs) for an elite group of educators.

If you are interested to know about these programs, below is a summary of the four programs:


(1) Microsoft Innovative Educator:

To be recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator, you need to:

Whoop! Whoop! Now, you are a certified MIE member, and you have access to the great library of courses and learning paths. By this, you will receive a certification from Microsoft for Education and get a digital badge that you can display proudly on your resume and/or any professional profile.

(2) Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer

If you are ready to upskill and upgrade your career path to the next level and be officially recognized as an MIE Trainer. Here is what you need to do: 

(3) Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer

If you wish to take this one step further and get the MIE Master Trainer badge and certification. You will need to report the training of 400 educators/year on the Microsoft Education Training Tracker.

(4) Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

The last program is my favorite program of all four, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE). This program is a game-changer. Why? Because you will gain access to Microsoft products and tools - Imagine how amazing this is? Besides, you will get opportunities to develop your brand and career as a forward thinker, innovative educator, and thought leader by participating in case studies, speaking engagements, and content development. 

To apply for this program, you need to complete the self-nomination form. The nomination is of three phases. Phase 1 is the quickest and won't take more than 5 minutes. All you need to do in this phase is fill out your professional information. In phase 2, you need to answer different scored questions of Microsoft products and tools to be eligible to pass to phase three. The last phase - the critical phase - you will need to answer questions and submit artifacts. Here is a guide for all questions and resources.

I hope you can make the cut!

Let's go viral and encourage more educators to get certified!

Don't stop until you're proud!  

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