how to Become a Google certified trainer in 4 steps 

By Israa lulu                  📅 june 2021

The past year flew by quickly. It brought a wealth of lessons, personal growth, tears, failures, successes, progress, and achievements, one of which I am particularly proud of is earning my certification as a Google for Education Trainer. #GoogleET 

Let me tell you why this is truly worth pursuing? 

Firstly, this program can upgrade your career path to the next level. It is a game-changer! You will be officially recognised as a trainer and receive a digital badge and certification from Google for Education directly. That is so rewarding, as it acknowledges your hard work, expertise, and training experiences. The digital badge is an official badge that can be part of your resume or any professional profile. In addition, by joining the elite group of Certified Google for Education Trainers, you will gain access to the best resources of information, help, and support in the whole world as you will be 24/7 in touch with forward-thinking educators and trainers from around the globe.

Furthermore, you will be visible on the Google for Education Trainers directory, where people lookup for trainers, coaches, and innovators. Click here to see how it looks like on Google for Education Directory.

Also, as a trainer, you will have an exclusive look at new Google products launches - Imagine how amazing is this? You will also get a (G-suite for Education) demo domain. Besides, you will be granted access to different benefits and perks from Edu-Tech companies in partnership with Google for Education.

Are you interested?

Here is the 4 steps to become a GoogleET:

Step #1: Become Google for Education Certified  Educator

· Certified Educator Level 1: To get this badge, you need to pass the Google for Education Level 1 Exam. The exam is two to three hours long, worth $10 and valid for three years. This certification and badge indicate that you can integrate Google for Education #GoogleEDU tools successfully into the teaching and learning practices. And guess what? The exam is now available in different languages, including Arabic. Click here to go to the Fundamentals Training Link.


· Level 2: To get this badge, you need to pass the Google for Education Educator Level 2 Exam. This exam is also two to three hours long, worth $25, valid for three years, and available in different languages. The exam assesses your ability to integrate a wide range of Google for Education tools and other technologies to transform teaching and learning practices. Click here to go to the Advanced Training Link.


Step #2: Complete the Trainer Course at the Google for Education Teacher Center

The second prerequisite is to complete the Trainer course. The course is available under the Google Trainers program in the teacher center. You will find different modules that you need to complete. The modules take from six to eight hours. However, since it is a self-paced course, then it depends on the time you spend on each module. These modules will provide instructions on creating inspiring training plans and helping educators to use transformative Google technologies. Once you complete the modules, you can go ahead and take the assessment. Click here to go to the Trainer Course.


Step #3: Pass the Trainer Skills Assessment: 

The Trainer Skills Assessment is 90 minutes long and worth $15. The assessment is 25 multiple choice and matching questions. If you pass, you will receive a trainer skills assessment certificate, which you will

submit along with your application.


Step #4: The last step is to film a Trainer Video, document your recent training events, and submit your application. In the first minute, you will introduce who you are as a trainer, why you wish to join the program, and why you think you are so Googley and unique. Then, you need to demonstrate one of the Google for Education tools or G-suite or Chromebook innovatively for two minutes.

Here are some tips to consider when filming the Trainer-Video:

1. Make sure to speak clearly and slowly enough to be understood.

2. Don’t exceed the time limit (the trainer video) should be three minutes or less.

3. Don’t go simple: Through yourself out there and show off all Googley skills! 

4. Make the Video viewable to anyone with the link.

When you submit your application, make sure to go through the application carefully and don’t skip any part. As the application is quite long, and you need to put a lot of information. Finally, make sure that all links you provided in your application are public (opens on an incognito window), so your application reviewer can access them.

Don't stop until you're proud!  

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Israa Lulu