how to Become a mote certified educator in 3 steps 

By Israa lulu                  📅 august 2021

Mote has just celebrated 1,000 Mote Certified Educators from all around the globe. I am not only proud to be a Mote Certified Educator and Ambassador, but I am also much more proud to know that I am one of the first 150 educators (133's) to get the MoteCE recognition and one of the 60 selected international Ambassadors!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate feedback in all forms. Since the day I found about Mote, I fall in love with it! Ever since all my feedback has turned moted and purple. If I read or hear the word feedback, the word translates automatically to Mote in my mind. 


So, what is it? 

Mote is a Chrome Extension that allows you to record timely voice notes and feedback to different G-suite Apps and many other tools and platforms.


Let me tell you more!

Without exaggeration, Mote is a Game-changer! It has transformed feedback for educators and learners within a very short (mote) time. It saves time and makes life easier, as you will add and share voice and written feedback in one click. And guess what? You can re-use these notes over and over again.  

So, do you want to get Moted?

First, let me tell you why is this badge worth pursuing:

When you become a Certified Mote Educator #MoteCE, you will receive a Minted-Moted certificate, social media face-holder, and a digital badge that you can display on your professional resume and share with co-workers, friends, and family. Moreover, you will get exclusive access to global webinars, competitions, and different community activities. Furthermore, you will connect with a group of forward-thinking educators and leaders from around the world. Also, with the #MoteCE status, you will be eligible to apply for the Ambassador program and get cool swag!

Are you Mote-vated? 

Do you want to become a Mote Certified Educator

Follow the three steps below:

Add the Mote Extension to your Chrome Browser from the Chrome Web Store. It is a free extension and can be added directly from the link. Use my referral link to upgrade to unlimited access for three months.

Explore the Learning Hub to get inspired, read the blogs, and see how educators use Mote innovatively in their classrooms and beyond.

It's time to fill the application! The application will not take more than 20 minutes. First, you need to fill out all your personal information including, your name, role, email address, school, and country. Next, you will answer 15 questions, and you need to answer at least 12 questions right to get certified.

I hope you can make the cut!

Let's go viral and mote-vate other educators to get Moted and certified! 

Don't stop until you're proud!  

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© Israa Lulu