how to Become an apple teacher 

in 3 steps 

By Israa lulu                  📅 January 2022

Happy 2022😊 

I hope you all had a great start to the year. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

The new year is a new beginning, a brand-new adventure, and the perfect time for new resolutions. 

What are your new year's resolution ideas? 

Do you have any EDUTech-related resolutions? 

If your answer is yes and would like to start your journey as an Apple Teacher and learn more about Apple tools and Apps. Then, read further.

What is the Apple Teacher Program?

The Apple Teacher program is a free self-paced educational hub designed to recognize Apple innovative teachers and honor their achievements. However, the program is not limited to educators - anyone can join and become Apple certified. The program will help you develop your fluency to use different tools and elevate EDUTech integration using a wide range of Apple tools, products, and applications.

Wait! Before we dig deeper, let me tell you why is this worth pursuing?

When you complete the requirements, you will be officially recognized as an Apple Teacher and receive a Certificate of Recognition that proves your knowledge in the area. You will also receive a progress report which includes all the course titles that you completed along with the badges you have earned. Moreover, you will get a digital copy of the signature badge that you can display proudly on your resume or any professional profile. Besides, you will receive a cool profile frame holder to use on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, or any other social media platform. Furthermore, you will be up to date with all the news as you will receive a newsletter via email that shares inspirational stories and amazing ideas for integrating Apple products creatively into your classroom. 

Apple Teacher Signature

Apple Teacher Certificate

Profile Frame Holder

So, are you ready to level up? - Here are the three steps to follow:

You will need to create an Apple ID using a personal email.


By joining the Apple Teacher Center, you will be granted access to the Apple Teacher Learning Center to keep your knowledge current and hone your skills.

To become an Apple Teacher, you need to complete one module on the learning foundations skills. There are two different modules. Yet, you need to pass one module only to become certified. The MacBook module covers six segments (MAC, Pages for Mac, Keynote for Mac, Numbers for Mac, iMovie for Mac, and GarageBand for Mac). If you choose the iPad module, you will need to cover the same tools and Apps for the iPad. Each title includes mini-tutorials on each tool and provides all skills to embed Apple Apps in your lessons.  Collect the six golden stars, as you will earn a badge after passing each quiz.

MacBook Badges

MacBook Badges


Congratulations! You are now an Apple Teacher. 

Don't stop until you're proud!  

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